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Case Study: PurpleBug Intervention and Increase in Page Likes

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Case Notes:

We want to determine if PurpleBug’s Social Media Management (SMM) intervention could increase a client’s Page Likes.



H0: There is no increase in Client: Leading Pet Brand’s Page Likes with PurpleBug intervention.

Ha: There is a significant increase in Client: Leading Pet Brand’s Page Likes with PurpleBug intervention.


Operational term: PurpleBug intervention

  • Strategy Conceptualization and Execution
  • Community Management
  • Social Cross-posting
  • Ads Boosting
  • Competitive Scan

Stat test: Paired t-test; level of significance α = 0.05 


Statistical Results:

As seen on the figure above, both boxes representing the Page Likes of Client: Leading Pet Brand in 2020 (blue) and 2021 (orange) are thin. This means that there isn’t much variability in numbers, but it's noticeable that the orange box is higher than the blue one. This visually means that Client: Leading Pet Brand's Page Likes have increased by 2021, but we are yet to prove that statistically. Hence:


Based on the means of both years, we could notice that the Mean Page Likes for 2021 is higher compared to 2020.


Using paired t-test, with level of significance α = 0.05:

In which:

p-value (2020 vs. 2021) = 0.000 ÷ 2 = 0.000 (divided by 2 because desired result is one-tailed; increase)

α (0.05) > p-value (0.000); there's a (highly) significant increase in page likes 2020 vs. 2021



Statistically, Client: Leading Pet Brand’s Page Likes have significantly increased in between 2020 and 2021 because of PurpleBug's SMM intervention. ■


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