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We are a technology first and data driven marketing technology company that provides consulting, services and platforms to help businesses integrate sales, marketing, customer service and IT operations. 

  1. To be the preferred digital marketing consultant and solutions provider of companies in the Philippines.
  2. To provide topnotch solutions in digital marketing including web and mobile development, and be of service to local and international businesses.
  3. To be the pioneer in the development and management of portals and applications that are valuable to both businesses and consumers.

PurpleBug provides a combined solution of strategy and technology in digital marketing and business development. We help businesses excel in the digital world, maximize their on ground and online presence, and grow their business strategically.


To be an innovative leader in providing digital marketing solutions and online marketing services to businesses in the Philippines and internationally.

PurpleBug provides Digital Marketing, IT Outsourcing, and Digital Transformation Services across a wide range of industries. We are the business of connecting brands and companies to their customers through strategic and meaningful conversations.

Creatives, Animation, & Productions Solutions

Social Media, Content & Campaigns Solutions

PR, Sustainability, & CSR Marketing Solutions

Development, IT & Outsourcing Solutions

Audit, Trainings, & Consulting Services

Influencer Marketing Solutions

Groups & Community Building Solution

Ads, Media, & SEO Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

Live & Online Events & Show Solutions

PurpleBug Tech is a subsidiary of PurpleBug Inc. We aim to innovate and develop digital marketing strategies with technology.
PurpleBug Shops is a collective of e-commerce platforms that focus on specific gaps in the tea and coffee, mom and baby, as well as in the beauty and wellness markets.

With unique product offerings, we have been able to rapidly scale, servicing hundreds of customers nationwide through our websites, social media profiles, and Lazada/Shopee stores.
PurpleBug Media is the Philippine's leading digital media service network. With thousands of monthly users visiting our websites and more fans following our brands on our social media platforms, we have access to influencer multiple audience groups. We connect businesses to the market in the most effective ways possible.
PurpleBug Games is a subsidiary of PurpleBug Inc., a marketing technology company headquartered in the Philippines.

We aim to develop unique and fun games for people of all ages to enjoy — making exciting and entertaining games that will bring the spotlight to our principles and mission to build a better community for everyone.
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Wide Range of Services
What makes us unique

What makes PurpleBug unique is that we REINFORCE our Research and Development facility through our OWN platforms.

Through PURPLEBUG SHOPS, we are able to learn the processes of running e-commerce through Tea and Coffee Depot, Mom & Baby Hub and Beauty & Wellness Haven.

We learn how gamification works through PURPLEBUG GAMES - these platforms help us identify the gaming and learning behavior of our target market.

We are also eyeing to be independent content creators through PURPLEBUG MEDIA - as we want to understand how to further capture the pulse of our target audience.

PurpleBug Media
MyDoctorFinder is a web platform that provides a listing of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the Philippines. Through MyDoctorFinder, you can now search 25,000+ health care providers based on their specialization and location.
After Hours
After Hours is a Philippine-based online platform and social media website, which features memes, relatable contents, and daily ramblings.
Moms for Moms

Moms for Moms is a community of parents helping other parents, especially first-time moms. Discover parenting tips, childcare news, and lifestyle trends that moms need to know. This is the modern mother’s all-in-one guide and support group where they can share thoughts and experiences.

My Vet Finder

MyVetFinder is a web page that provides a listing of veterinarians, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the Philippines. It also aim to promote smart and healthy parenting of household pets.

Philippines' Top Picks

Philippines' Top Picks is a leading e- publishing site that has a vast audience of young Filipino consumers. We provide the average Pinoy his/her daily dose of exciting pop news, trends, and lists about anything under the sun.

Tara PH

Tara PH provides exciting news and the latest trends on Travel, food, lifestyle and anything under the sun happening in the Philippines.


Dads for Dads is an e-magazine that focuses on general men's interests including Men’s Health, Parenting Tips, Home Building, Business Trends, and Lifestyle

Bahay ni Juan

Bahay ni Juan is an e-magazine that focuses on tackling Home Buying, Home Improvements, Property Investments and Home D.I.Y Tips

Kitang Kita

Kitang Kita is an online page that provides useful tips, methods, and techniques on how to set up and manage a small business to support aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs and guide them toward a stable livelihood.

Game Den

Together, let’s navigate an adventure of building a community that mainly discusses practicality, revamping gaming spaces, and the ease of selecting the finest gears perfect for each player. Experience high quality gaming, unlock new skills, learn new tricks, and play in comfort! Let's unleash the best gamer in you.

PurpleBug Shops
Tea and Coffee Depot
Established in 2016, Tea and Coffee Depot was launched to provide tea and coffee lovers easier, and a more convenient way of buying and enjoying their much-needed caffeine fix and brewing essentials.
Beauty and Wellness Haven
Beauty and Wellness Haven was established in 2018 to cater to the growing e-commerce industry in the Philippines. Its mission is to promote an easy and convenient experience to its customers when it comes to shopping online.
Mom and Baby Hub
Mom and Baby Hub is an electronic commerce platform developed by PurpleBug that is dedicated to products suitable for pregnant women and babies. It aims to promote a relaxing and hassle-free experience when it comes to online shopping.
PurpleBug Games
Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh
Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh is a mobile game application that exhibits the flying skills and life story of the main character named Cedric. Up Dog also illustrates the daily lives of Cedric, Josh, and the rest of the people in the neighborhood.
Running Organgs

An exciting and addicting mobile game application that features the members of the Running Organgs traveling through the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines, while avoiding each of their most feared enemies.

Organgs World Tour

The only game where your brain is in Londo and your heart is in Paris. Join Oliver in his quest to reunite all the Organgs scattered around the world.

Updog Adventures

Join Cedric on his exciting journey to outer space! UpDog Adventures is a fun and addicting vertical scrolling game where you avoid obstacles and catch powerups to reach outer space.

UpTown Builders

Build your dream house with your children. Unleash your children's creativity and build dream houses with them! Let their imagination take over and make them inventors, architects and builders.

UpTown Flashcards

Introduce your kids to the world with easy-to-use flashcards! UpTown Flashcards is designed for curious young minds – fun and simple enough for the youngest learners! Browse through high-quality and colorful flashcards of different categories to give your kids the most wonderful educational experience!

Pair it Cedric

The game for smarter kids! Pair It, Cedric is a fun and educational game for kids. This game can help enhance their memory, decision-making skills, and recognition skills.

UpTown Tracing

UpTown Tracing helps your kid write all the letters of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase, all the numbers, draw shapes from squares to moons, and even helps them write "Mama", "Daddy", and "I love you" with our Create Your Own Word feature! All while having colorful and adorable visuals and sounds that will surely encourage them to keep writing and learning.

UpTown Pals

UpTown Pals is a game franchise dedicated to enhancing young children's minds and education.

PurpleBug Technology

Zagidee is a customer-oriented, cost-effective, and reliable email marketing solution by PurpleBug that caters to SMEs and other businesses in the Philippines and worldwide.


Smicos is the chatbot solution that automate the customer support process. This can be integrated in the company’s website and social media messaging applications. It is also scalable and can be integrated in any system like CRM, ERP etc.

PurpleBug Support

PurpleBug Support Tool enables client of website / application / server / hosting / domain maintenance to create and monitor the progress of request. 

PurpleBug CMS


A customized Wordpress CMS that is user-friendly and highly customizable. The goal is make it easy for people with little to no technical experience to use and manage the website. It is also fully integrated with Google Analytics that you can see the analytics in one dashboard.



A customized Laravel CMS created using the Laravel PHP framework. The goal is have a user friendly CMS but scalable in terms of functionalities and features.



A customized Shopify CMS that is user-friendly and highly customizable. The goal is make it easy for people with little to no technical experience to use and manage the website, inventory and fulfillment. 

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