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Facebook Taps Rappler and Vera Files for its Fact-Checking Program in the Philippines

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Facebook Taps Rappler and Vera Files for its Fact-Checking Program in the Philippines

Jun 05, 2023

Last April 12, Facebook partnered with Rappler and VERA Files for a third-party checking program in the Philippines which aims to prevent the spread of fake news on social media platforms.

Rappler and VERA Files will both be reviewing news stories, check facts, and rate every posting’s accuracy on Facebook.

According to Clair Deevy, Facebook Director for Community Affairs for Asia Pacific, “Partnering with third-party fact-checking organizations is one of the ways we hope to better identify and reduce the reach of false news that people share on our platform.”

Meanwhile, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa stated, “It's what journalists do, and we're happy to work with Facebook to help create a safe and sane public space for critical thinking and debate.”

The fact-checking program includes a 3-part framework to improve the quality and authenticity of the postings available on Facebook.

The President of VERA Files, Ellen Tordesillas said, “It is important that decisions we make in our daily lives are based on correct information. Falsehoods cloud the mind and create confusion. Our aim with VERA Files’ fact-checking partnership with Facebook is to reduce falsehoods on social media and help create an informed citizenry — a vital component of democracy.”

With this fact-checking program, it will help regulate the circulation of content and provide its users more quality content on their news feeds. In addition, users will be notified if the content posted is rated as fake.

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