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How to Appear First on Your Followers’ Instagram Stories Newsfeed

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How to Appear First on Your Followers’ Instagram Stories Newsfeed

Sep 25, 2023

When Instagram added its Stories feature, Instagram has been on the top of their game and gained more popularity – and users. Many people specifically bloggers and artists prefer using Instagram Stories to keep their fans updated on their daily happenings.

Want to appear first on your followers’ Stories feed? Follow these easy tricks.

Quality over Quantity

  • If you constantly post Stories, it will eventually decrease your page’s rank or visibility. The more you post, the harder it is to maintain a successful follower rate. Also, avoid posting stories that doesn’t make sense. Keep it interesting so that your followers will have to view your stories often. Remember to post stories of you in different events or parties. This will make your followers look forward to what’s happening on your day!

Don’t post more than 4 to 6 times on a daily basis

  • Posting longer stories will make your followers less interested and eventually end up not viewing your story instead. Also, with Instagram’s algorithm, your Stories may end up back in the queue – and, we don’t want that to happen.

Include Hashtags and Locations

  • Let your story be viewed by people from around the world! With Instagram’s latest feature, you may follow hashtags and tag a location. Relevant hashtags and locations can definitely maximize your Stories potential.

Live Stream….Occasionally

  • One of Instagram’s latest feature is you can upload a Live Stream. Start by doing it occasionally – don’t overdo it. Start a Live Stream when you’re out of the country or when you’re in an interesting place. Through the following scenarios, your followers may have the tendency to participate in your Live Streams.

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