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How to Stop Facebook Apps from Getting Your Personal Data

Dec 08, 2023

Facebook can definitely get your personal information and snoop into your privacy.

Have you ever signed up for a game on Facebook? Or took a random quiz you saw on your newsfeed? If yes, then Facebook and several apps has indeed an access to your personal information.

Every app has its own privacy permission settings. However, the apps can take full control on the following:

  • Your contacts, call logs, and text messages
  • Calendar
  • Location
  • Camera – images and videos
  • Phone Storage – any file in your phone
  • Have access on your WiFi and network connectivity

Facebook or the following apps can take advantage on the app permission by selling user data and making fake profiles to serve relevant ads on their platform. But, do not worry for you can edit the access permission for every app. Here are the steps in order to remove each app’s access permission:

  1. Go to the “Menu” option of your Facebook account.
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Once clicked, choose “Account Settings”
  4. Choose “Apps” --- “Logged in with Facebook”

You will see a list of apps connected to your Facebook. When you select one, you will be able to view the app’s access information. You will now have an option to edit the access permission or totally remove the application. Also, do take note that you can update the access information of your friends to other apps, because this could lead to making your data open to the public. To change this,

  1. Select “Apps other use”
  2. Edit the access information

You also have the option to completely disable any access information through the “Platform” option.

Source: Tech Insider