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"Instagrammable Products" -- The Latest Marketing Trend on Instagram

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"Instagrammable Products" -- The Latest Marketing Trend on Instagram

Jun 05, 2023

Millennial’s preferences have always been a marketing strategy to companies. That’s why most businesses recently developed a whole line of what they called, “Instagrammable Products”.

These are products that are aesthetically pleasing and created specifically to be photographed and to be displayed on your Instagram. These products are mostly brightly colored and are interestingly shaped to be “Instagram-worthy”.

To create the "Instagrammable Products" line proves that Instagram has been up in their game. No wonder why the app hit 800 million users and 25% of those are the Millenials.

An example of an Instagrammable product is the Unicorn Frappuccino - a multi colored drink that quickly went viral on social media. The product went viral especially on Instagram and on millennials. The brand posted pictures and videos of them with the iconic drink. The drink has 170,000 published posts on Instagram, which proves that Starbucks’ strategy was a game changer.

There’s also a whole new trend called “Instagrammable Restaurants”. These are restaurants with great interior designs. Businesses somehow are coming up with new ways on trying to appeal the young market. The success of the “Instagrammable products” have become the new trend when it comes to launching new products.

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