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4 Tips to help your Brand's Instagram Engagement

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With an active monthly user base of over 500 million, Instagram has become the nest of businesses looking to connect to their social media market. The following are tips you may consider if you’re planning to make Instagram as one of your platforms.

  1. Presence of a Call to Action

Having a call to action will automatically direct what you want your users to do with your post. Posting product photos with an instruction can positively change your engagement.

  1. Use of Hashtags

Hashtags can not only find users who are posting a similar content, but also it can help by conduct searches with hashtags to find your content. The tip in using hashtags is to use a unique yet creative one instead of a popular hashtag.

  1. Use of Captions

Do not only focus on the visuals. Experiment with storytelling through your caption. Be brief and concise with your caption to make it more effective.

  1. Be actively busy in Instagram

Do not wait for people to interact with your brand. Make sure to talk to your community once in a while by initiating a product related topic with them. This will help in making your community loyal to your brand.

By adopting these tips, you will surely make the best out of your Instagram business account.

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