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A Pok?mon Go Marketing Tactic for your Business

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Everyone is going crazy with the new augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. The mobile game app from Niantic Labs and Nintendo brought the popular franchise to life creating nostalgic effects on the Pokémon generation. At first, one may think that Pokémon Go is just another game that only gamers will enjoy. However, Pokémon Go solely relies on the location of the player. Its in-app location in the real world may include several locations wherein Pokémon creatures can be found. The physical locations such as the PokéGyms and PokéStops, usually fall under local businesses, landmarks, and public spaces.

When you look at a swarm of people playing Pokémon Go on an area, it may tend to look a little sore in the eye for business like restaurants (since restaurants are usually crowded). To add, if your restaurant is located near one of the PokéStops, do expect that a bunch of people will flock outside your restaurant trying to catch Pokémon creatures. This situation can be kind of uncomfortable especially to the customers who are eating. But, looking at it deeply, it could be a big marketing potential for almost any kind of business.

Through placing a “Pokémon Go Friendly” sign outside one’s business (specifically restaurants), this will surely catch the attention of the gamers. Instead of catching the Pokémon creatures outside, the gamers or known as Pokémon trainers will be tempted to dine in the restaurant for they have a higher chance of catching several Pokémon while enjoying a meal. Just make sure to have a set of rules written that is visible to the players or at least inform them to what extent of the place wherein they can locate a Pokémon creature so  that it won’t irritate or disturb other customers who are simply dining in your restaurant.

Riding the wave of what is trending is a positive move for a business. It only means that you are open to any idea to get along with the ever-changing generation.


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