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Top 3 Cost-Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics

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Successfully utilizing your brand’s social media strategy involves several marketing tactics when used wisely will present positive results. However, there are still cost-effective social media tactics that are not utilized to its full potential. According to Social Media Today, here are the top three under-utilized social media tactics.

  1. Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads is considered as the most effective tool in targeting a brand’s specific audience. One may target its audience based from age, location, job title, marital status, gender, and interests.
  1. Snapchat Filters
  • Snapchat filters is a simple and creative way to create brand awareness. With the correct creative filter, it will definitely drive engagement and brand equity. Snapchat is a great tool to use if a brand’s target market is the millennials.
  1. Twitter Ads
  • Twitter ads may be quite expensive compared to Facebook Ads and Snapchat Filters. The unique feature of Twitter Ads is that it has the ability to target the followers of a specific competitor. Also, it can display one’s ad in a trending conversation.

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