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What is the difference between Content Marketing and Context Marketing?

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A lot of brands and marketers only focus on delivering their message to their customers, but many of them don’t know that context is more important than content. In fact, it is the only way to satisfy their increasing number of digital customers.

For a lot who doesn’t know the difference between content and context marketing,

CONTENT MARKETING is just simply letting the customers know the basic details about a brand.

  • Product benefits
  • Product features
  • Pricing

However, CONTEXT MARKETING is deeper and goes beyond than content marketing. It is the art of bringing the brand’s content to the rightful customers, at the right place and at the right timing.

Marketers need to create the right context for their brand and identify the right target market for it. It is important to determine the situation more than personality. The new challenge for them is to utilize growing trends of technology and use digital platforms for them to connect with their customers more and create a personalized customer journey.



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