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10 Tips from Google for Android Newbies

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1. Store your personal stuff- Always back-up your files, photos, videos and such items you don’t want to miss. Upload your files via Google Drive. You can access it in any of your devices and everywhere online. 

2. Save your email accounts on your phone- Save multiple accounts on your phone in the Gmail app and you can check your emails either grouped or separately. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner then tap the arrow to the right of your username and there you can add your accounts! 

3. Instantly retrieve your old photos on your new phone- Back up your old images in Google Photos, automatically it will appear on your new phone. Make sure that the Google Photos app is installed, open it and tap the hamburger menu in the top left, tap “Settings” then “Back-up and Sync”. Turn on “Backup” once your images are synced, check your images in Google Photos on your new phone. 

4. Be updated about news, weather and traffic with your phone- Set up your Now Cards to get the information you need conveniently. Check you Google App and tap the Hamburger menu in the top left. Tap “Setting”->“Now Cards”-> “Show Cards”. 

5. Don’t lose your to-dos- Make sure the Google Keep app is installed. Create To-Do’s, your notes, lists and reminders. Access them anytime on any of your devices. Tap “Take a Note” in the bottom left. Create your memos, add the details (time, location reminder) and share to your contacts if needed. 

6. Command without touching your phone- Using “OK Google” voice detections, make calls, set alarms, and open apps just by talking to your phone, or should I say commanding your phone. Ask Google to make a phone call, set an alarm or start a search just by saying phrases like “OK Google, call mom” or “OK Google, set a reminder for noon.” 

7. Edit your documents, presentations and spreadsheets through your phone- Isn’t it convenient when you can check, edit and compose your documents wherever you go through your phone, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides app. Be sure to check your Google Docs app if it is installed. Compose a new document or edit an existing file. 

8. Check important emails- Filter and organize your emails, sort promotional and social messages into other tabs. Check if your Gmail app is installed. Open it and tap on the hamburger menu and go to “Settings.” Tap on “Inbox Categories.” Check the boxes next to “Promotional” and “Social.” It will appear on the designated tab. 

9. Continue your computer browsing through your phone- Continue your browsing sessions in Chrome to your phone, open the tabs you left off your computer. Check if your Chrome app is installed and you’re signed in. Tap the menu to the right of the URL bar -> “History” to see websites you’ve visited in other devices. 

10. Smart Commuter- Set your home and work address to Google Maps and get real-time traffic and transit updates. This feature uses Google Now which is available for Android 4.1+ devices. Open the Google Maps app and tap the hamburger menu in the top left. Tap “your places” and add your home and work addresses to start getting updates from your daily route. 

“Google’s 10 Essential Tips for Android Newbies” by Brian Reed of Yahoo News

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