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8 Ways to Deal with Negative Comments in a Social Media Page

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Nowadays, businesses tend to open up their own social media pages to gain engagement to their audience. As much as these businesses would love to fill their social media pages with positive comments, negative comments are still possible to appear.

In reality, social media pages are the gateway for businesses to either gain attention or criticisms. In times wherein negative comments are present, social media managers must know how to take control of the situation effectively.

Follow these 8 simple steps to improve one’s social media presence during times wherein criticisms are present.

  1. Listen to the complaints to provide a proper response to the negative comments.
  2. Do not ignore the negative comments. One should always provide the audience a reply.
  3. Avoid misinterpretation by reading the audience’s comment and one’s response twice.
  4. Acknowledge each comment with a general reply (saying you’re looking into it and then get back to them again as soon as you have a solution) instead of ignoring it for a long period of time for this may result to a snowball effect of negative comments.
  5. If the comment is too complex, it is better to resolve the issue privately. Ask for the customer to email or private message you with their contact information.
  6. Own up to the mistake if your business is at fault. A simple sorry is sometimes all the customer is looking for.
  7. If one have responded properly to the list of negative comments on the page, but are still getting negative responses, it may be time to ignore them.
  8. Make changes and improve your business with the complaints you garnered. Through this action, one can ensure their audience that such complaints won’t happen again in the future.


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