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Facebook's Business Page Verification

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If your Facebook Page is classified under the categories, “Local Business,” “Company,” or “Organization,” you must be familiar with the verification badge. A verified Facebook Page has more credibility than those not displaying the badge. Also, it makes pages more likely to show up in Facebook Search.

Facebook Page verification have two types: the gray and the blue badges. The blue verification badge is for authentic pages or profiles of public figures, media companies, or brands confirmed by Facebook. On the other hand, the gray tick means that this is an authentic business or organization page that is confirmed by Facebook.

The application process for a verification badge can be done via these steps:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your page.
  2. From General, click “Page Verification”.
  3. Click “Verify this Page”.
  4. Enter the phone number of your business. (Get ready to receive a call from Facebook)
  5. Enter the 4-digit code from the automated message you got from the call.
  6. Your page will be verified if Facebook recognizes the phone number; otherwise, you’ll be asked to verify with documents.

For this alternative, you’ll be required to submit an official document showing your business’ name and address.

Some of the approved documents that can be used are:

  • Business utility or phone bill
  • Business license
  • Business tax file
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation

You must send any one of these documents to Facebook and they will then confirm if that document matches public records. After a few days, your page will be assigned with a verification status.

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