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Filipinos as Internet Users

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Filipinos today are very internet-savvy, and the other parts of the planet as well. We somehow understand that this is the beginning of the digital era, where almost everyone is having the knowledge to browse and surf the internet. In reality some people care more about his/her online status than what they are really doing away with their devices. It’s somehow negative to be always online but we cannot stop the digital age from making its way to everybody. So, let’s just grab what we can get from being digital positively. 

Nowadays, Filipinos tend to keep up with their online communities. They collate information online as well, where they can base their choices during the time of crisis. 

The mobile penetration rate is growing at the rate of 1.5x (or 30 million users) annually. From 101 million mobile subscriptions to a total of 119 million with a penetration rate of 117% consisting of:

  • 95% -Prepaid Users
  • 55% -Mobile Broadband Subscription
  • 10% -Broadband Subscription
  • 80% -are subscribed to the lowest speed tier plans (1-3Mbps)

Filipinos spend 3.2 hours on mobile and 5.2 hours on desktop and tablet in average and the top online activities are: 

  • 47% -Social Media
  • 19% -Videos
  • 15% -Online and Mobile Games
  • 13% –Location based search
  • 29% –Online Shopping

As ranked by priority of the survey respondents. Percentages are based vs. total population. 

The Philippines have a Facebook population of 47 million active users, also the Philippines has the fastest growing app market in Southeast Asia. Philippines has one of the highest digital population in the world. The image above shows the internet growth in the country and it doesn’t seem to go less but more. 

Today Internet is considered as a need, and it is hard to keep up if one’s brand is not online. Information and Communication Technology plays an important role to make businesses effective. It is a vital tool for marketing for starters, keep in mind. There are indeed tons of solutions we can find online and it is in our hands to use the internet effectively, efficiently and responsibly. 


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