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Fucidin?'s Meet and Greet Event

2 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

Makati City, Philippines – A research-based pharmaceutical Danish company partnered with PurpleBug®, Inc. for their “Meet and Greet” event for several Filipino mommy bloggers. This event was created to continue to raise the number of people belonging in the proper wound care community of Fucidin®. 

LEO Pharma™, owned by the LEO Foundation, is committed to deliver the best dermatological care for its patients. With LEO Pharma™ Philippines, a division of Zuellig Pharma Corporation, along with PurpleBug®, LEO’s mission will be possible in the Philippines. 

Fucidin® of LEO Pharma™ is a medicine used to treat a number of bacterial skin infections. With its medical experts, Fucidin® has medically proven it effectiveness when it comes to proper wound care to its consumers. 

The meet and greet event consists of the LEO Pharma™ team including its CEO, Mr. Lars Olsen, and several mommy bloggers willing to join the fight against wound infection known as Staphy (staphylococcus aureus). The program started with a talk by Dr. Kristine Gutierrez, a pediatrician, about the basic knowledge on the steps for proper wound care treatment. And was continued by Dr. Irene Gardiner, LEO Pharma™’s resident MD, on the technical and detailed aspect on the infection called Staphy and how Fucidin® will be able to prevent Staphy from spreading its infection on wounds. 

LEO Pharma™ provided the mommy bloggers Fucidin® wound care kit that may help them when an emergency occurs. The program ended with a dance number from Staphy that everyone undoubtedly enjoyed.

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