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Instagram Launched New "Paid Partnership" Tags

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Instagram helps businesses connect with their target audiences. It is where connections and relationships are built. To provide the people a new and better way to communicate, Instagram launched their new partnership tool which will provide more transparency and clarity on sponsored content posted.

This new feature will help creators communicate more clearly to their followers when they are working in partnership with a business. With this tool, brands can add the influencer or partner business they’re working with to the creation stage. A note will be displayed on the image signifying the partnership. This new paid partnership feature will provide more transparency so that people can separate a genuine endorsement from a paid mention especially now that influencer marketing continues to rise.

Instagram is also adding new incentives to the program. The performance status of their branded content posts and stories can be viewed and Instagram Insights can be accessed by both the partners. Creators will have access to the item’s metrics in their Instagram Insights while business partners will see shared reach and engagement metrics in their Facebook Page Insights.

In line with this, Instagram noted that they are looking for ways on how they can ensure that the new process is adhered to.

Businesses will now have more opportunity to facilitate the current influencer marketing trend while users and customers will be provided with a more transparent, up-front options for these branded posts.

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