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LinkedIn: "The more connections, the better"

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for businesspeople wherein they can create their own profile and have connections with each other. Recently, there’s an issue about LinkedIn telling its users that they should only accept invitations from people they know. There would be a conflict regarding this issue especially to those small business owners who are eager to gain exposure for their businesses. The logic behind this is, “the more connections, the better”.

But, how does “connection” really work? For instance, you’re a small business owner in Canada who wants to hire a Marketing Assistant through LinkedIn. By searching these keywords, “Marketing assistant Canada”, LinkedIn will show different search results that matches the keywords used. These words are usually attached in the user’s profile. Although LinkedIn gives priority to 1st and 2nd connections of the searcher (LinkedIn believes that these connections are more applicable to the needs of the searcher). So if you are connected to a lot of people in LinkedIn, then there’s a higher chance of your profile being visible on the top search results.

Obviously, if you think that the invitation is from a spammer then you should ignore it. LinkedIn gives you the right to adjust your connections from the user settings (if you would like it to be viewed in public or private including your personal details).  Search for more people related in your industry and get connected with them!


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