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Snapchat Spectacles are Now Available Online

2 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

Say goodbye to Snapbot vending machines for Spectacle will now be sold online!

Users don’t have to look for a pop-up Snapbot vending machine to buy Spectacles because they will now be available online. Snapchat introduced Snap Inc., a camera company, in which Spectacles is their first product. Spectacles (video-recording sunglasses) that contains a 15-degree-angle lens that will allow the wearer to record up to 30 seconds of video.

Snap Inc. wanted to prove that Spectacles is not just used for marketing rather it is a new trend for the future. Spectacles will cost $129.99, which hasn’t changed since it first launched. There will be a separate payment for the charging case which costs $49.99 and cable for $9.99. You can buy them at spectacles.comWhen you place an order, you have to wait 2 – 4 weeks for your pair of Spectacles to arrive.

Do you want to get your hands on these awesome glasses?                             

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