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Stickers: The newest feature of Twitter

2 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

Twitter just released a new way of having fun with your photos and it is by adding stickers on them. The stickers in Twitter can be searched, just like a hashtag. But it’s not actually a hashtag, the stickers are linked to the photos posted.

How does it work? Just by clicking on the sticker on a photo, you will be directed on a page where you can view the photos of other people who used the sticker that you clicked. In this way, you can choose between viewing the top tweets or all the tweets that used the particular sticker. To highlight, Twitter automatically categorizes images that used the same sticker. Adding stickers on your picture is actually a way of making yourself be expressive. It also helps you showcase your creativeness. It also allows users to make fun of their photos using different stickers.

Stickers are offered by almost every social network most especially by Facebook and Snapchat. Similar to adding stickers on Snapchat, Twitter users can also add multiple stickers on a photo – just resize and rotate the stickers. Twitter stickers exactly look the same with Android’s version of emojis. Users now have a new way of interacting with people all around the world with this new feature. It is available for all Android, iOS and web users.



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