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The World's First Bendable Smartphone

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Moxi Group (formally known as Chongqing Graphene Tech Co.), a small Chinese start up, is about to unveil a smartphone that can be bended around your wrist like a bracelet.

Apart from having flexible screens, it will have tons of uses from building aircrafts to solar panels and medical devices. [1]

It’s made from Graphene, the thinnest material in the world which is strong, light and flexible. They have already produced a prototype and they plan on putting 100,000 units up for sale in China this year. Moxi is based in the city of Chongqing and are specialized in producing smartphones made from graphene.

They will only release the Black-and-White display for this year. But they intend to make a full colored display by 2018. [2] "Black and white phones are much easier to make," says the Executive Vice President of Moxi Group Chongsheng Yu on Bloomberg. "The color model power usage is also much higher than that of the black and white unit. We’ll sell in China and if there’s demand overseas, we’ll look into it." [3]

According to Nicole Peng, an analyst at Canalys on CNN Money, that big companies like Samsung and LG are also working on creating flexible smartphones using graphene. Though so far, Samsung has tried producing phones with curved screens and LG has their Flex Phones, which are the world’s first curved phones.

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