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Tumblr introduces "Money from your Tumblr"

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Tumblr is a mix of blogging and social networking website, often described as “microblog”, wherein you can post anything and everything from photos, videos, music, quotes to links and have your followers enjoy whatever you share.

If you have a Tumblr account and has grown a number of followers over the years since you’ve been a member, now’s your chance to transform your hobby into a career.

Tumblr introduces “Money from your Tumblr”. You can now display ads from premium advertisers on your very own Tumblr account, and make money out of it. However, this new addition is still not available but will be coming out later this year, according to Tumblr. Also, details about what forms of ads will be displayed and the revenue split are soon to come.

In order to your account to “allow” ads to be displayed on your blog, you have to register your account first and wait for approval from Tumblr before you can use the program. But if you’re one of those 30-50 million active users who doesn’t want those ugly ads to appear on your site, don’t worry because you can always turn off the on-blog advertising which can be found in the settings.

Ads have been appearing on Tumblr sites, even before. But this new project will, in turn, serve a wider audience thus enabling the company to gain more money.



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