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What Are the Most Used Social Media Platforms of 2022?

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The face of business and commerce has changed since the rise of social media platforms. Going digital is non-negotiable if you want to survive in the industry. Without a social media outlet, your business may not grow which is why you must invest in social media marketing. 


In this article, we bring you the Philippines’ most used social media platforms of 2022 and several benefits that will convince you to start.


What are the most used social media platforms this 2022?



1. Facebook


Facebook is a social media platform where users can sign-up to create free profiles, connect with family, friends, or strangers, and to share different content. 


In Simon Kemp’s report on the Philippine’s 2022 digital landscape, Facebook has 83.85 million users in the Philippines, equivalent to 75% of the population. At the start of the year, about 53.3% of users were female, while 46.7% were male. In terms of age demographics, most users in the country belong to ages 18 to 24 years old. 


What is the best social media content here? In recent years, video content performed better than any kind of content on the platform.


Video content is engaging, getting more interactions, and is highly shareable. Videos with bold headlines or captions attract more viewers too.


But of course, it is still best to consider your goal when planning for content. Promos and sales posts are still best made as image posts because it is the fastest way to tell your audience that you have a promo.


If you plan to start a social media page for your business, it is best to not miss out on Facebook. As you can see, there are over 83 million users on Facebook.



2. YouTube


YouTube is a free video sharing website that allows users to watch or publish videos to entertain or educate.


The Philippines has 56.50 million YouTube users according to Google’s advertising resources in early 2022. Like with Facebook, most YouTube users are females at 50.8% and 49.2% for men. 


Because YouTube is a video sharing platform, the best content you can publish is video content. As a business, you can use YouTube to make long-form or short-form video content to inform or educate your audience about your product and/or service. These could be tutorials, guides, infographics, etc. The more useful and entertaining a video is, the more views and engagements you will get.


Starting your own YouTube Channel may scare at first, but there are ways to help you get more views and subscriptions.



3. Tiktok


TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms today. Users in the platform can watch, create, or share short videos using mobile devices, webcams, or other video recorder tools.


In early 2022, TikTok had 25.96 million users aged 18 and above. Females are the majority in the platform with 65.3% of total users and 34.7% are male.


When creating content in TikTok, you must make videos that are entertaining and informative in just 15 seconds. Another thing to take note here is that your business will grow if you are more authentic. Which is why User Generated Content (UGC) is so hot right now.


But if you don’t want to make TikTok videos, you can hire influencers to spread the word for you. 



4. Instagram


Instagram is a social networking app which allows users to view, upload, and share pictures and videos.


Although smaller than the previous platforms in this list, Instagram still boasts 18.65 millions users in the country with a 64.2% female majority. Unlike the others, most IG users are teens and young adults.


Authentic high quality photographs, on trend content, selfie-style videos, etc. that speak to your audience would work best for your business IG account. IG live content is also a good way to interact with your target market. There are also a lot of influencers you can collaborate with to introduce your business to more people.


If you have a lifestyle, health, e-commerce, or art business, then Instagram might be the best for you. 



5. Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging site where people can share statuses, opinions, and anything under the sun in short bursts of text.


Although well known internationally, Twitter only has 10.50 million users in the country, or 9.4% of the population. But despite that, your business may still find Twitter useful.


Twitter is best for quick updates, bite-sized content, and directly communicating with your audience. Like with Facebook, video and image content stand out better than just publishing text. 


If you have a big or loyal following and frequently have flash sales, Twitter may be good for you.

There are a lot more social media sites available for Filipinos like Reddit, Snapchat, etc. But the ones in this list are the ones with the most people, hence giving your business more potential to grow. 


Start building your online presence today!



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