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SNICKERS created an AI clone of Football Superstar José Mourinho For an Ad

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Forget boring transfer rumors, the biggest summer signing is here! 


SNICKERS, renowned for its inventive marketing campaigns, has once again pushed the boundaries of advertising by unveiling an AI clone of football icon José Mourinho. This latest initiative aims to captivate audiences through cutting-edge technology while leveraging Mourinho's global appeal in the sports world.


Image from Ad Age


Recognizing José Mourinho's status as a football legend and cultural icon, SNICKERS sought to create a campaign that would resonate deeply with fans worldwide. The decision to utilize advanced AI technology marked a bold step towards enhancing brand engagement through personalized and interactive content. 


The idea stemmed from SNICKERS' ambition to innovate within the competitive advertising landscape. According to Chief Growth Officer Mars Snacking and Lead CMO Mars Inc. Gülen Bengi, the first-of-its-kind advertisement is proof of the brand’s dedication to providing one-of-a-kind experiences to their consumers. 


“At Mars, we believe in building Brand Worlds where iconic brands create remarkable experiences for their fans and communities inviting them to engage and co-create together. Always at the center of culture, always moving at the speed of technology,” Bengi said. “Our first-of-its-kind Snickers campaign stands as a testament to this, delivering consumer co-creation and personalization at a scale that was unimaginable until very recently, before GenAI became part of our toolbox” 


A Football Companion: How AI José Mourinho Came To Be

The primary purpose of this advertisement is to engage Mourinho’s vast fan base by offering them a bespoke AI companion. This AI clone serves as a virtual Mourinho, providing personalized interactions and football-related content. Fans can engage in conversations with the AI, ask for football tips, and even receive motivational messages, making it a highly interactive and entertaining experience. 

Image from Snickers


The AI clone boasts advanced features, including natural language processing, real-time response capabilities, and the ability to learn and adapt to user interactions, ensuring a dynamic and evolving user experience. The campaign released previews beforehand, uploading social videos of the real José on Snickers and José’s social channels during the Champions League Final and in the build-up to the Euros. It went live on June 25 and influencers and fans alike began generating their own videos with the famous football player. 


The integration of AI in advertisements, as exemplified by Snickers’ campaign, signifies a transformative shift in the advertising landscape. AI-driven campaigns offer numerous benefits, including enhanced personalization, increased engagement, and the ability to gather valuable consumer insights. However, this advancement also brings forth certain limitations and ethical considerations. Issues such as data privacy, consent, and the authenticity of AI interactions must be carefully addressed to ensure the responsible use of the technology.


"I’m very proud of our brand builders embracing the possibilities, enhancing creativity and doing it responsibly. As we navigate this new frontier of AI-enhanced brand building, it's crucial that we keep a pioneering mindset tempered by caution, always putting safety and ethics first,” said Bengi.


The release of the AI ad proved one thing clear: despite challenges, the potential for AI to revolutionize advertising is immense, paving the way for more innovative and impactful campaigns in the future. 


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