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As a Marketing Technology Integrator, we are able to develop technology based on the needs of the client.
PurpleBug Games
Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh
Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh is a mobile game application that exhibits the flying skills and life story of the main character named Cedric. Up Dog also illustrates the daily lives of Cedric, Josh, and the rest of the people in the neighborhood.
Running Organgs

An exciting and addicting mobile game application that features the members of the Running Organgs traveling through the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines, while avoiding each of their most feared enemies.

Organgs World Tour

The only game where your brain is in Londo and your heart is in Paris. Join Oliver in his quest to reunite all the Organgs scattered around the world.

Updog Adventures

Join Cedric on his exciting journey to outer space! UpDog Adventures is a fun and addicting vertical scrolling game where you avoid obstacles and catch powerups to reach outer space.

UpTown Builders

Build your dream house with your children. Unleash your children's creativity and build dream houses with them! Let their imagination take over and make them inventors, architects and builders.

UpTown Flashcards

Introduce your kids to the world with easy-to-use flashcards! UpTown Flashcards is designed for curious young minds – fun and simple enough for the youngest learners! Browse through high-quality and colorful flashcards of different categories to give your kids the most wonderful educational experience!

Pair it Cedric

The game for smarter kids! Pair It, Cedric is a fun and educational game for kids. This game can help enhance their memory, decision-making skills, and recognition skills.

UpTown Tracing

UpTown Tracing helps your kid write all the letters of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase, all the numbers, draw shapes from squares to moons, and even helps them write "Mama", "Daddy", and "I love you" with our Create Your Own Word feature! All while having colorful and adorable visuals and sounds that will surely encourage them to keep writing and learning.

UpTown Pals

UpTown Pals is a game franchise dedicated to enhancing young children's minds and education.

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