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As a Marketing Technology Integrator, we are able to develop technology based on the needs of the client.
PurpleBug Media
MyDoctorFinder is a web platform that provides a listing of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the Philippines. Through MyDoctorFinder, you can now search 25,000+ health care providers based on their specialization and location.
After Hours
After Hours is a Philippine-based online platform and social media website, which features memes, relatable contents, and daily ramblings.
Moms for Moms

Moms for Moms is a community of parents helping other parents, especially first-time moms. Discover parenting tips, childcare news, and lifestyle trends that moms need to know. This is the modern mother’s all-in-one guide and support group where they can share thoughts and experiences.

My Vet Finder

MyVetFinder is a web page that provides a listing of veterinarians, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the Philippines. It also aim to promote smart and healthy parenting of household pets.

Philippines' Top Picks

Philippines' Top Picks is a leading e- publishing site that has a vast audience of young Filipino consumers. We provide the average Pinoy his/her daily dose of exciting pop news, trends, and lists about anything under the sun.

Tara PH

Tara PH provides exciting news and the latest trends on Travel, food, lifestyle and anything under the sun happening in the Philippines.


Dads for Dads is an e-magazine that focuses on general men's interests including Men’s Health, Parenting Tips, Home Building, Business Trends, and Lifestyle

Bahay ni Juan

Bahay ni Juan is an e-magazine that focuses on tackling Home Buying, Home Improvements, Property Investments and Home D.I.Y Tips

Kitang Kita

Kitang Kita is an online page that provides useful tips, methods, and techniques on how to set up and manage a small business to support aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs and guide them toward a stable livelihood.

Game Den

Together, let’s navigate an adventure of building a community that mainly discusses practicality, revamping gaming spaces, and the ease of selecting the finest gears perfect for each player. Experience high quality gaming, unlock new skills, learn new tricks, and play in comfort! Let's unleash the best gamer in you.

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