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IAS Launches Advertising Industry’s First Deepfake Measurement Solution

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In a move poised to significantly impact the trajectory of AI in the advertising landscape, Integral Ad Science (IAS) announced the launch of the industry's first deepfake measurement solution. The innovative technology, currently in beta testing, empowers advertisers to verify the safety and authenticity of their digital media investments by identifying deepfake content.


Integral Ad Science (IAS) has long been a key player in the digital advertising landscape. Known for its commitment to ad integrity and brand safety, IAS offers a suite of services designed to optimize ad placements, measure viewability, and prevent ad fraud. This new deepfake measurement solution represents a natural extension of IAS’s mission to protect brands in the ever-evolving digital environment.

The new solution is offered by IAS ahead of the US presidential elections, but the applications are not limited to that aspect. Marketers will be able to avoid the harmful effects of deepfake content, according to IAS CEO Lisa Utzschneider.


“Marketers are looking to leverage new technologies to detect and mitigate the harmful effects of deepfakes and misinformation," said Utzschneider. "Marketers need reliable partners and data to help them safeguard their brands, and our deepfake detection offering will empower them with the actionable data needed to address this rising threat."


IAS Launches Advertising Industry’s First Deepfake Measurement Solution

The rise of deepfakes or hyper-realistic videos or audio recordings manipulated using artificial intelligence—to make it appear as if a person is saying or doing something they never did—has become a growing concern for advertisers. Deepfakes can be used to spread misinformation, damage reputations, and erode consumer trust. IAS's new solution directly addresses this challenge by integrating deepfake detection capabilities into its existing brand safety suite.


Deepfakes can create misleading or harmful content, posing significant risks to public trust and authenticity. Examples include fake endorsements and manipulated videos of public figures, which can damage reputations and spread misinformation. For brands and influencers, the threat of being misrepresented by deepfakes is a growing concern, as it undermines consumer trust and the authenticity of digital media.


IAS's Deepfake Measurement Solution


IAS’s new deepfake measurement solution is designed to address these challenges head-on. By leveraging advanced detection technology, IAS can accurately identify deepfake content in digital advertisements. This solution not only helps brands maintain an authentic online presence but also enhances transparency in digital advertising. The key advantages of this solution include:

  • Detection: High accuracy in identifying deepfake content.
  • Protection: Safeguards brand integrity by preventing the spread of manipulated media.
  • Transparency: Provides clear insights into the authenticity of digital content.


Preserving Authenticity In Marketing

Honest advertising is crucial for building trust within online communities. Authentic content not only fosters trust but also improves search engine results and discoverability, leading to more effective marketing campaigns. IAS’s deepfake measurement solution plays a vital role in ensuring that digital advertisements remain genuine, which is essential for maintaining consumer trust and achieving marketing success.

As deepfakes become increasingly sophisticated, the need for reliable detection and measurement tools is more pressing than ever. This solution not only protects brands but also upholds the integrity of digital media. For advertisers, embracing such technology is crucial to ensure authenticity and maintain consumer trust in the digital age.

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